Smart parking solution

Optimize parking occupancy and revenues using simple, smart technology.


Get the most out of your parking brings you powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tools to manage and share your workplace parking spaces.

Assign your spots to a specific employee or a group of them, your guests or even to external users.

Share empty parking spots when your colleagues are on holidays or business trip - manage this via mobile app, or let your back office or HR staff take care of it.
Simplify your visitor parking - create reservations in the mobile app and guests will be informed via SMS or email. Reception and security staff will also receive all the details immediately. also brings you a solutions for payments, invoicing and garage entrance management via GSM/Bluetooth/LPR - say no more to lost access cards and unpaid invoices!

Discover how can help you, your colleagues and your guests!

Solutions offers everything you need
to run your workplace parking!

Occupancy optimization

Have more parking spaces available with no additional expenses by employing various sharing options.

Visitor parking system

Invite your guests to park in your garage and share all the information with reception and security staff

Access control

Access your parking with mobile app and license plate recognition cameras, Bluetooth or GSM modules.

Pay-to-park solution

Platform with online reservations and payments will help you to develop new business opportunities. API

Connect your or third-party software to create the best possible product for your colleagues or clients.

Custom solutions

Do you have specific needs for your parking? Complex sharing, multiple branches or perhaps specific payment options?

Ready to get started with organized parking?