Drawing the parking lines

December 14, 2019

Clear rules make for happier and more efficient teams, chaos is just distracting, confusing, and in the end frustrating. Ask any experienced HR manager. And since there is usually a limited number of parking spots in any company garage, deciding who deserves one and who does not should not only be transparent, but it should also reflect real needs and usage.

What any good manager needs then is enough data. Parkit.direct can help them gather the information they need and then easily choose the most efficient way of using the available parking spots.

Even better, it allows them to assign different types of parking privileges, create groups of users and manage the time they spend parking by assigning time credit. Spots that would otherwise be empty when employees are on their vacation or travelling can now easily be shared with guests or other companies using the same building.

And they all parked happily ever after.

written by
Michal Trojan
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