Parking headaches

October 21, 2019

In case you are driving to work every day and don’t have a designated parking place in your company’s garage, parking your car can be a real headache. Instead of getting ready for your meetings, you spend long minutes looking for a spot. All that after getting through the morning traffic. Trust us, we hate that as much as you. And don’t get us started on those people who have a parking spot but are not using it!

Yes, you could try commuting. But you could also save time and start using our Parkit-Direct app which turns the whole parking ordeal into a few easy clicks on your mobile phone and makes sure that parking spots are available as often as possible and used by as many people as possible. Flexible just like you are.

We have designed the whole Parkit-Direct system as a time-saver, no matter who uses it. You could be the CEO, thein system admin or you could just be a worker bee trying to get to your hive: we have you covered in any situation. The app always lets you see if there are any vacant spots and it lets you book those that are - in 5 seconds or less. And should your schedule change, cancelling your booking is just as easy.

But what about those rogue colleagues that keep parking in the wrong spot, you say? Be strict and report them right from the app. They will learn from their mistakes and everyone will be a bit happier.

Now what to do with that time that you have now saved by not driving around and looking for a place to park your car…? We would suggest sleeping a bit longer but that’s just us.

written by
Michal Trojan
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