Saving those precious minutes

November 15, 2019

Oh, that Hulk-level of rage that you feel the moment you arrive at your designated parking spot - and it is taken by someone else. What?! How?! Why?! Suddenly the effect of your morning zen meditation or mindfulness training is all gone. After you park your car in the nearest vacant spot, you find yourself pacing angrily towards the security booth or reception desk to find out who is the villain to your hero.

Unfortunately, this can easily start a whole avalanche of wrong parking. Because the spot that you have just taken belongs to someone else. And so the vicious circle is formed, all the while you are losing precious time.

All this could be prevented, or taken care if the deed is done. The mobile app lets you report the car that had been parked in the wrong spot using its license plate and it even tells you where you can park your own car so that no harm will be done to anyone else. The system sends a short e-mail informing all concerned parties so that the vehicle in question can be moved to where it was originally supposed to be. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Also, parking garages that had previously just given up on solving such issues - most often because of lack of time or personnel - suddenly turn into well-organized institutions that run like clockwork, no Fairy Godmother needed.

written by
Michal Trojan
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