Don’t share a desk, share a parking spot

August 6, 2019

Employee benefits are a double-edged sword, at least when you are the one who decides who gets them and who does not. They can easily become the sole focus of a water-cooler talk, and not in a good way. How come he gets a company phone and I don’t? Why does she get to park her car in the garage while I have to go looking for a spot on the street? And so on.

The good news is people not only love their perks, but they also don’t mind sharing them - if it’s easy and transparent. When it comes to parking spots, that can be a breeze. Parkit Direct encourages sharing them in ways that benefit everyone - using Time Credit, employees are able to park their car for a certain number of hours each month. Only they decide when. Fair, right?

Unlike people who have feelings, habits and needs and often resent hot desking because it means you cannot leave your family photo or a mug right where you want to, cars don’t really mind parking in different spots. Cars are happy to stay anywhere where it’s safe and dry.

Parkit Direct allows you to give parking permissions to your colleagues in such a way that is just and reflects their real needs. At the end of the day, a single employee benefit can become a benefit for the whole company. Egalité!

written by
Michal Trojan
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